About Us

ELB Gyms is an exciting, innovative and hotly anticipated new gym chain, brought to you by the team that have created some of the best brands in fitness in Bangladesh–  with the undisputed world number one in transformation training, ELB.

This is your opportunity to be part of a new breed of gym…where results count above all else.

We have created the ultimate gym environment to optimise memberships and revenues – owning a ELB Gym is a very sensible business decision.

With over 70 thousand followers, ELB has an indisputable reputation as a world renowned fitness guru. Drawing upon his experiences as a professional natural bodybuilder and qualified sports therapist, ELB has realised a revolutionary training theory (DTP) and has a proven track record of obtaining measurable results.

ELB Gyms is an extension of the ELB philosophy, character and training principles. Uniquely styled to optimise workouts ELB Gyms offers members a completely unique visitor experience. Kris and his team have worked hard to ensure this gym is like no other, offering the very latest gym equipment, nutrition and training from the world renowned Physique trainers.

Now you can use the training styles and methods that have proved highly successful by ELB, his Dallywood clients, including the likes of ALot of model And Actor

Each ELB Gym will incorporate a pro shop offering advice and products; high end membership positioning to cater for an untapped sector of the market and a flexible gym layout to optimise revenues.

At ELB Gyms, we will be there to support the gym at all stages, because we recognise that offering members quality training is paramount to the gyms success and the members results.